Automatic Version Numbering Tool

Creating a Tool for Other Projects

How many times did you forget to change the version number before building your app? It was driving me crazy! I made this pip installable tiny tool to allow automatically adding the version number read from a txt file to cx_Freeze build (or anything using

Uploading to Pypi

The goal was achieved! The version-hunter tool is now part of pypi’s vast number of resources and can be installed by anyone with a simple pip command.

Documentation is Important

I have learned about quality of documentation whilst working on a few open source projects during London Python Sprints. Nowadays I focus really hard on explaining how to use my code in a way understandable by anyone with clear examples of usage.

Skills Gained and Problems Solved

Create a Pip Installable Package

In this project my main goal was to learn how to create a python package which can be easily installed on any platform with a simple command line instruction.

Unit Tests & Integration Tests

I managed to create unit tests which remove dependency on any external objects or built in methods. This furthered my knowledge of more advanced mocking. There also is a set of tests which integrate file IO system and check if my code does what it should.

Creating Good Documentation

Good documentation is half of the success of any project. I have learned that the hard way when trying to understand certain other libraries. My goal from now on is to document everything the way I would like to find it myself.

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

Copyright ¬© Tomasz Kluczkowski

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

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