Personal Website Project

Learning Front End Development

Where there is passion, a subject which once used to be complicated becomes something you get drawn to and can spend hours polishing tiniest of details. This project is where I can quickly experiment with all available options to get better at creating content and making beautiful websites.

Building Is an Art

Making your own website is a lot of fun. This project is my testing ground for HTML, CSS, creation of layouts and responsive design. I chose to start with WordPress to avoid having to wait long time for any tangible effects of my work.

Code is Everywhere

A lot of design gets implemented first outside of the WordPress environment locally on my desktop computer.
I use Pycharm as my IDE of choice for those tasks. It allows easy integration with all major browsers to further the testing process.

Skills Gained and Problems Solved

Combining HTML with CSS

This project is a source of a constant improvement in understanding how to modify HTML elements with the use of CSS.

Making Website Dynamic

Pure static websites without any moving content are so boring and old fashioned. I like modern, I like interactive. To make this project more than just a set of pictures and text I had to learn CSS animations.

Designing with Mobiles in Mind

We all have mobiles and the screen sizes vary so much that one can never predict how the website will look at somebody else’s device. Nonetheless I put a lot of effort to inspect every page and correct broken elements and redesign fragments of pages which do not present themselves good on mobiles.

Creating Content

I had to learn copywriting and image manipulations as well as basics of good design to keep this website interesting to visitors.

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

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Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

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