Intro to Testing in Python

Presentation for London Python Meetup Group

Explaining Unit Testing and TDD

This was my first tech talk and it went very well. I spoke about aspects of unit testing with people who had no previous experience of it  in my mind. The link to the the recording of the talk is here.

Preparation is Key

I am very methodical when approaching any  task. I have recited this presentation countless times and to increase the “realness” of the experience I carried it out on a 55″ TV in front of the audience I could easily get – my wife and child.

The Fear Is No More

I was a quiet nerd all my life but I also have one important ability – complete the task I embarked on. I said long time ago that I will beat the fear of public presentation and so I did.

Skills Gained and Problems Solved

Designing a Presentation

I created this presentation focusing on delivering content understandable from the point of view of programmers who never unit tested in Python and never used Pytest. A lot of effort was put into simplifying my explanations to such an extent that no matter the lack of initial knowledge after the lecture the listener would be able to comprehend the subject fully and carry out unit testing on their own. It was certainly not an easy task to get to that stage!

Preparing for a Stressful Event

Naturally presenting to nearly a 100 people is quite a stressful event but you can overcome the fear by training really hard. Just as I practised guitar in the past running through a few notes passage hundreds of times till it sounded perfectly I rehearsed the presentation many times to make sure I am able to explain everything to the tiniest of details.

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

Copyright © Tomasz Kluczkowski

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

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