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Many Thanks to All Who Inspired, Motivated Me, Shared Knowledge or Contributed to These Pages Through Their Art / Creations That They Shared Online Without Asking Anything for It


List in a somewhat (no) particular order:


  • My parents for asking me the right questions that planted the seed of creative doubt in me long time ago.
  • My wife Wiola who patiently deals with a man bashing keyboard for hours and staring blankly at her sometimes when the lines of code are being internally analyzed :).
  • My little daughter Natalie for unconditional love and friendship and being enthusiastic about my Kid’s Corner section.
  • My friend Michal for showing me that you can change what you do at any age.
  • My friend Janek for his creativity that I always envied.
  • My friend Jacek who never stops learning a new thing and inspired me to go back to studies.
  • My friends Adam, Bartek and Jarek for providing a vent for my frustrations and coming over to see my humble abode and never refusing to go out for a pint or two.
  • My friend Martin who infected me with his never dying optimism.
  • Prof. Richard P. Feynman who managed in his books to convey subjects requiring another level of abstraction in a way that I am poorly trying to follow in my explanations.
  • Prof. Steven Hawking for showing me in his books that philosophy is not dead and that everlasting questions are important and most of all that one should never give up.
  • Caspar Rubin – – Home section – main title photo.
  • Fabian Irsara – – Home section – main title photo / coding detail.
  • School image created by Pressfoto – – Home section – main title photo / teaching detail.
  • Background image created by Xb100 – – Home section – main title photo / science detail.
  • Alejandro Escamilla – – Coding Journey section photo.
  • Kelly Sikkema – – Kid’s Corner section photo.
  • Business image created by Katemangostar – – Any Questions? section photo.
  • Goran Ivos – – “The Journey Starts Here” photo.
  • Background image created by Kjpargeter – – abstract background for the footer area.
  • Alex Knight – – Blog section title photo.
  • Background image created by Natanaelginting – – Contact section title photo.
  • Carl Heyerdahl  – – “Do more” blog post photo.
  • – Python logo icon
  • Logo image – Created by Maestro99 –
  • Sports car – Photo by Lasaye Hommes on Unsplash
  • Stages of software testing –
  • Photo of a sport shoe by Marcus Ng on Unsplash
  • Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
  • Unit testing:
  • Mocking picture:
  • Timeline background: Photo by Ethan Dow on Unsplash
  • Studying photo: Photo by Juliette Leufke on Unsplash
  • Expand horizons photo: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
  • Front end skills photo: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
  • Light above buildings photo Designed by Freepik
  • Beyond the Cosmos: Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash
  • Connecting Apps Photo: Designed by Freepik
  • Outgoing commands abstract background: Designed by Freepik

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

Copyright © Tomasz Kluczkowski

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

Copyright © 2017