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Coding in 2017

How did coding go for me in 2017?

This was certainly a year worth talking about.
I started with hopes of learning just Python 3 but couldn't stop myself and added Git, Vagrant, Linux, Bash, Javascript, HTML, SQL, CSS, JQuery, Django and other technologies to the mix.
Have a look and see for yourself.
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Unit Testing the Universe – Part 4

Coding Examples - Incoming Commands, Exceptions and Test Driven Development

In this article we tackle testing of incoming commands and exceptions using Test Driven Development technique.
You will learn how TDD differs from what we did before and why anyone would want to use it.
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Unit Testing The Universe – Part 2

Avoiding Redundancy and Dependency in Unit Testing

This post will inform you how to avoid writing redundant tests and how to properly isolate object under test.
You will see what the object's interface consists of and how each of those parts should be tested.
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Unit Testing The Universe – Part 1

What Is Unit Testing and How to Approach It?

Here we begin the journey into the world of unit testing.
We will discover why we should test our code and what unit testing really is.
You will learn about different stages in testing and where unit testing falls in among them.
This will prepare you to understand how to approach the whole problem.
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Enter the IDE

Set up Pycharm - Text Editor for Coding

This is just the absolute basics of configuring Pycharm before first use for programming in Python.
With these instructions though you will save yourself a lot of time and digging in the help files.
Entering Pycharm

Setup Day – Windows

Set up Your Windows Os for Programming in Python 3

In this tutorial you will learn how to download and install newest Python on your Windows machine.
You will find out about what a virtual environment for Python is & how to install a library required to create it.
Finally you will make, configure and delete an environment and get fully trained in using them.
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Initiate Robot

In the first post of this category we will try to create a programming language to control a robot.

You can be the robot and your kid can "program" you to carry out simple tasks.

This is the initial step to show them that coding is not scary and can be fun - the best way to instil a new passion in your child.

In the following posts we will abstract the whole process more and more from the world of physical and start coding without the visual help of real world objects.
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