Tomasz Kluczkowski

Tomasz Kluczkowski

Software developer, electrical engineer, husband, daddy & gamer

Working as a software developer @Flexciton where he uses Python/Flask and Angular to make industry 4.0 happen.

Already sharing the passion and teaching basic principles of coding to his little daughter.

Believing in balance in life and training hard in the home gym.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”  ― AristotleThe Nicomachean Ethics

First Step Is The Hardest

A bit more about me…


  • It all started from 8 bit – the beginnings.

Programming always fascinated me since as long as I remember. The first “app” I coded was on Atari 130XE. It was just a simple, unfinished “game” in Basic. Using a joystick you could fly a spaceship on the screen in whole 320 x 200 pixels in B & W colors. I still recall how painfully slow it was (I had no clue about optimization / compiling and machine code etc.).

Then a long gap happened. Then came high school and Pascal, later electrical engineering studies and Turbo Pascal and Matlab scripts. It always seemed natural for me to communicate that way with a computer. It was like an extension of the beautiful language of mathematics into the world of machines.

  • The way forward.

Whatever the undertaking the first move is always the hardest. I believe in self-development and considered getting involved in programming for a long while. Doing this whilst working full time is a no mean feat but on 17th of January 2017 I made that first step.

On October 2017 I joined Open University where I study Computing and IT to get a second degree in my life eventually.

Now I usually spend time after work studying more advanced concepts in programming or working on personal projects.

I got involved in London Python and Python Sprints meetup groups and I am participating in open source community.

  • How I feel about coding.

Being able to design and implement my ideas with the use of my favorite tool – the computer is the fulfillment of my dreams. I am quite meticulous and spend a lot of time refining the final products of my hard labor.

I prefer to learn by doing applying freshly gained skills straight into practice. Having an open mind helps in this tremendously as a lot of the aspects that are involved in web design and software creation are new to me but I enjoy them a lot.

Thanks to my resilience I don’t give up when countless errors and obstacles get in my way – I keep pushing until they move aside.

  • Using skills known already – don’t reinvent the wheel. 

Fortunately the problem solving techniques used in computer science are very similar to finding solutions in electrical engineering (or any other engineering discipline for that matter) so I just adapt all the knowledge and experience already gained in my current and previous professional endeavors.

  • Where I want to go.

I am focused on improving Python and backend knowledge and at the same time already working on front end skills in Angular.

I always loved building, be it from Lego blocks, electronic components and nowadays objects in a computer software. This is giving me a tremendous satisfaction by seeing the entire process carried out from one side to the other.

Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

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Created by: Tomasz Kluczkowski

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